Hubby took the younger boys to church on Sunday and I stayed home with Josh.  Once Josh woke up he started vomiting.  Since the discharge papers said to call if he vomited, I called the surgeons office.  The on-call Dr said to stop taking the pain meds and have only a diet of fluid.   Josh had a terrible headache so he rest and had ice on his head.   Later afternoon I made him some cup of soup.  He didn’t keep that down either so I called back to the Dr, hoping they could give him something to stop the vomiting.   Well….instead, back to the ER!  

We were at the ER for about 4 hours or so.   They gave him 2 liters of IV fluids, gave him meds to stop the vomiting and took an Xray of his stomach.   He has some post operative complications and hopefully will be feeling better in a day or two.   We got home from the ER in time for me to put Tommy to bed.  

I am home today with Josh……..hoping he will be feeling better soon so I can return to work.  Josh is still sleeping.  I tried to wake him to take his meds….he wasn’t the happiest of children!   So I think I will go down stairs and do some laundry.  Then I will clean in our bedrooms while Josh sleeps some more.  



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  1. Oh boy…poor Josh!  Poor Jen!

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