Tommy loved his first day of school.  He is attending a christian school and I know it was the right deicision for our family.  I feel very happy with him attending school there.  I am not sure I would have at the public school.  This morning I woke him up and the first thing he said was “Do I have to go to school again today?”  I thought….oh no…he is already unhappy with going.   Then he said “I just LOVE School!”.    He stayed at extended care for an hour yesterday until daddy came to get him.  He really enjoyed that and wants to go there again today.  

I wish I could say that Erik had a great day at school.  He hates the program he is in this week.  He starts at a school that is more like day treatment on Monday so I hope that will be better for him.   Yesterday didn’t go that well, he was right back to the old behaviors.    It breaks my heart to see my hubby so saddened by Erik’s lying and stealing.   Erik will be with us this weekend and then he will start going to every other weekend visitation with his mom again. 


Since we rearranged most of the room on the main floor, I am still trying to put the house back together.   I am so out of sorts when the house is messy.  It leaves me with such a uneasy feeling.   I also have to go see the orthopedic surgeon this morning to see if he can do anything to help me with my knee.  It continues to be very painful and limits my mobility.  

Last night I put a breakfast casserole in the crockpot before going to bed.  This morning everyone had a nice warm, filling breakfast before I sent them off to school.   I best go and fill out the paperwork for my appointment this morning and figure out where this Dr is.  

Have a great day!!!  Smile….life is a blessing. 


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  1. I’m glad that Tommy had a good first day, but sorry about Erik.  How is Josh doing?
    I’ve been tempted to do the breakfast casserole in the Crock Pot thing but haven’t.  Where did you get the recipe?

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