Menu Monday

Saturday -8/18 – Rotisserie Chicken (crock 4-6 hrs) – Mac/Ham Salad (make day before) – Vegetables

Sunday – 8/19 – Chicken, Rice and Green Bean Casserole – Didn’t Make

Monday – 8/20 – Spaghetti/Meatballs with Garlic Bread

Tuesday – 8/21 – (Soccer/Outdoor Concert) – Chicken Salad on Crossiants/ Chips and Dip

Wednesday – 8/22 – Easy Cheese Burger Pie x 2 / Salad  – Didn’t Make

Thursday – 8/23 – (Book Group) – Mini Corndogs and chips

Friday – 8/24 – Hamburgers and Fries

Saturday – 8/25 – Meat Loaf (turkey), Crunchy New Potatoes,  – – Didn’t Make

Sunday – 8/26 – Patty’s Chicken Chop Suey  (crock 6 hours) Over Rice  – Didn’t Make

Monday – 8/27 – Taco Turkey Wraps/ Chips and Dip

Tueday – 8/28 (soccer) Thai Chicken Wraps – Didn’t Make

Wed – 8/29 – Cheese Beef Mac / Corn Bread Muffins/ 7 Layer Salad – Didn’t Make

Thursday – 8/30 (Meet the Teacher) – Chicken Burritos (from Freezer)

Friday – 8/31 – Oven Fried Chicken and Baked Potatoes with veggies – Didn’t Make



Chicken and Green Bean Casserole

Pulled Pork Roast

Beef Enchiladas (OAMC)

Are you struggling to figure out what to cook for supper???  Join us in planning our menus each week.  Stop over to Laura’s Blog “Organizing Junkie!” and see what is on all of our menus and find new great recipes to try!!


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  1. I was surfing and ran across your site. It is filled with so much information! Organizing seems to be an ongoing problem with me… maybe I can learn a thing or 2.

  2. I’m eating at your house this week!   Jenn

  3. I’ve been thinking about you as I’m trying to plan meals for the beginning of the school year.  Think some good vibes over here, ok?

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