This Week….

I am working a flexible schedule this week since Erik is with us.  I worked 12 hours on Monday and am home today.   I am hoping to get alot done around the house this week while I am home.   I am off to a good start today.  I have moved my morning routine to be 15 minutes earlier this week and it is going well. 

Morning Routine
6:45 – Make Bed and Shower
7:00 – Feel Pets/ Teddie Outside and Robbie Shot
7:15 – Meds
7:30 – Laundry Swtich
7:45 – Trash
7:55 – Wipe all Sinks Out
8:00 – Put Clean Dishes Away/ Wash Breakfast Dishes

8:15 – Wake Tommy
8:30 – Daily Chore if time permits

By the time school starts I need to have everything slid so that Tommy is getting up by 8:00 as he needs to be at school at 8:45. 

I had everything on my morning routine done by 9:00 and I went to drop off Tommy at daycare.  After dropping off Tommy we stopped at the bread thrift store for hot dog buns.  We also dropped off some movies at the library and dropped off Erik’s prescriptions to be refilled. 

Since home I have been getting todays and yesterdays daily chores done.


  • Vacuumed Main Rooms and Chairs
  • Clean Toilets
  • Stock TP
  • Change Hand and Kicthen Towels
  • Wash All Comforters (5 of them) and Take Outside to Dry
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Vacuum All Bedrooms/Shake Out Rugs
  • Scoop Cat Litter
  • Clean Furnance Filters
  • Take Apart and Clean Vacuum Filters


  • Clean out and wipe out 2 cupboards in the kitchen – Put in new Shelf Paper  – DONE
  • Clean out Upstairs Freezer -DONE
  • Clip Coupons – ERIK’S DOING
  • Clear off Dining Room Table
  • Dust Dining Room
  • Clean Tub/Shower – DONE
  • Go to Library
  • Pick up Erik’s Scripts
  • Make Supper
  • Put Away Clean Laundry
  • Night Time Routine


7:00 – Dishes/Counters/Sink/Micro Cleaned
Sweep Kitchen and Entry

8:00 Laundry/Feed Pets/ Robbie Shot

8:15 – Plan supper/Make lunch/Lay out Clothes for Tomorrow

8:30 – Start Getting Tommy ready for bed



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  1. You’re so good!
    I loved your book list.  You’re just organized all over.

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