Been a pretty busy day.  I didn’t plan it that way…just seems to happen.  I woke up at about 8:45 and hurried to get Tommy and I ready for church at 9:15.  We made it to church on time!   Tommy did so very well in the service.  At the end, he said “Is is done already???”.  He went up for the children’s sermon and got to bring the mystery box home to put something in it for the sermon next week. 

After church I came home and worked on my menu and shopping list.  I then went to get groceries!!   I stayed within budget and we needed alot of food.  I have my menu and groceries bought for the next two weeks done!

Aldi – $126
Festival – $43.00

Total spent  – $169.00 (within Budget)

All groceries are put away and now I must peel our cucumbers and then I am going to a meeting for a fund raiser for Tommy’s school at the Montgomery’s home tonight.  I best get a few things done before it is time to go!!!


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  1. My day has been busy too but i did manage to sneak in a nap though . Have an awesome week!!!!

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