Vacation Day #4

Did we get to sleep in???  Of course not!   I sleep with ear plugs in as my hubby is a snoring and I can’t sleep otherwise.  At about 7:00am I wake up and I hear an alarm clock going off.  ARGH!!  I am crabby and can’t figure out where the alarm is coming from.   It was not in our room, so I headed to the kids room.  Nope….so I follow the noise and open the door to the hallway.  ARGH!!!  Just my luck!!  The fire alarm is going off!  Now mind you, I have stayed here before and have needed to leave the hotel due to the alarm.  But I decide we better be safe.  So I wake up the kids and hubby and rush the children out the back fire exit.   We all end up outside in our pj’s.  Tommy is asleep and Josh is carrying him.   Hubby doesn’t come out….as we are standing in the back parking lot the fire trucks come.   So we walk into the lobby and find out it was a false alarm.   The alarm panels said the fire was in the lobby and they fire fighters could not find anything.  So we went and looked at the fire truck and the fire fighers gave Tommy a sticker.  See what happens when you vow to sleep in!!!!!! 

Duluth 065 Since we were up early we had breakfast and got ready for our adventures of the day.   We decided to tour Glensheen, the historic Congdon Estate.  It is a beautiful mansion with 39 rooms.  I love touring it.  It is also knows for the murders of heiress Elisabeth Congdon and her nurse, Velma Pietila, on June 27, 1977. Roger Caldwell, the second husband of Congdon’s adopted daughter, Marjorie, was charged with the crimes, convicted on two counts of first degree murder and sentenced to two life sentences. Marjorie was charged with aiding and abetting and conspiracy to commit murder, but she was acquitted on all charges. Caldwell’s conviction was overturned by the Minnesota Supreme Court in 1982. He was set to be retried, but pled guilty,  submitted a full confession, and was later released from prison.

 Duluth 057

The Boys in the Outside Garden…

Duluth 067

The Boathouse…this was where the Movie with Patty Duke called “You’ll Like My Mother” was filmed.  I remember the scenes in the boathouse!

Duluth 070 Following the tour of Glensheen we went back to the room to eat some lunch. We sure had plenty of leftovers from our evening meals.  Next we went to see a replica of the colonial ship the Nina.  It an actual sea worth replica built is Brazil.









Duluth 097  After wards we decided to finally go to to Thrillz Arcade.  Erik and Tommy had been waiting and waiting to go there.  I bought tokens and split them between the kids.  Amy hit the jcakpot on tickets and won a ton!  She gave her tickets all to Tommy so he would win a prize.  So very nice of her.  The older kids played one game of Laser Tag and them we played a family game of mini golf.  Erik was the winner of the golf game!! 



Duluth 071

Tommy redeemed the pile of tickets for these two toys! 

Duluth 073

ALways have to have a family game of Mini golf!

Duluth 100 After we were done there Hubby wanted to see if a ship was going to be coming in.  Tommy was so done with going to look at ships so I ended up taking him back to the room to wait for the others to return.






Duluth 113 For supper we went to the Raddisson, Harborside.   A very cool restaurant that really messed with Tommy’s mind.  It is on the top floor of  the Radison (16th floor) and is a revolving restaurant.  It has a beautiful view of Lake Superior and Duluth. 

Duluth 112

View of the Restaurant…

Duluth 117

The view of our hotel from the restaurant….

This was our last full night in Duluth.   We went back to the hotel after supper.  Tommy and Daddy went swimming.  Mommy watched and read her book.  Josh, Amy and Erik went walking around Canal Park.  We all headed to bed fairly early as we were tired!



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  1. Great family vacation!

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