The Rest of the Week in A nutshell…..

WEDNESDAY – Went to Erik’s psychiatrist appointment.  He was started on a new medication so we are very hopeful that this will be helpful to him.  We toured the school he is on a waiting list for.  They don’t anticipate an opening before school starts in September. So  the district needs to keep looking for an appropriate placement for him.

THURSDAY – Back to work……I had unit meeting in the morning and a team meeting with another social worker in the afternoon.   In late afternoon I had my yearly review at work.  It went very well and I was a given a raise.  I had been fretting how we would pay for the Christian School tutition as our budget was very tight.  But God always provides for those things are suppose to be.  So between my raise and hubby’s promotion, we hope we earn enough to cover Tommy’s tuition!  I love my job and I am so glad they value my hard work!

FRIDAY –  I went to work in the am.  I attended the funeral of a co-worker’s father.  It was an amazing funeral.  I really can say it was a person who had a life well lived.  He was a one of the longest serving judges in the state of MN.  He was on the bench for 41 years.  Right before the funeral about 30 judges all filed into the chapel in their black robes.  Very impressive….The stories of this judges life were wonderful and we are all laughing at the funeral.  It is very obvious where my co-worker got his sense of humor and values.   I can only hope to make such an impact on the world.  

I was so tired when I got home.  Hubby was so nice and got McDonalds for him and the kids.  I needed to finish reading my book as it was due back at the library today.  We also stopped at Target and I paid off the items on my credit card, back to a zero balance.  I can’t wait until I can say that about every credit card.  We are getting there, slowly but surely.  


A Thousand Splendid Suns – by Khaled Hosseini – (4.5/5) – It was a good book, some of the scenes of the violence inflicted on Afghan women was hard to read.   But then the book Kite Runner also written by Hosseini was difficult at times. 

I need to pick up Tommy’s uniforms for school.  They are in!   We will be going to the library and maybe half price books.  I am not sure.   Not much else planned for the day.  Oh yeah…I have to plan my menu and make my shopping list so I can get groceries either today or tomorrow. 



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