The Deck Day #2…

Today our adventure in deck building included getting our veranda put together and installed.   This is our Summer home we have been teasing each other.   We can’t afford a cabin, but we saved and saved and are able to enjoy this in our back yard year after year.   The veranda is wired for electricity so there is a outdoor Chandelier hanging from the ceiling.  You gotta love Target.  We bought the floor model so they took another 25% off the clearance price.   We bought every single item on clearance.  Now is the time of year to buy this sort of thing as they are trying to get rid of it so they can start back to school sales. 

 DEck Building 001

Tommy and Erik helped me get the veranda started. 

DEck Building 002

The finished product…our little summer retreat. 


0 responses to “The Deck Day #2…

  1. Just lovely! We saw that exact same set yesterday and I love the cabana but we have too mmuch wind for one. So have a great summer!

  2. I love it! It is just wonderful! Enjoy it!

  3. Beautiful ! Looks like a great place for a cup of coffee and morning devotions

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