June 2nd – Saturday Fried Chicken Potato Salad and Corn on Cob  – CHICKEN VERY GOOD – Add to Site!

Sunday – 3rd –Lemon Pepper Fish/Wild Rice/Seasoned Green Beans/Apple Turnovers  Fish was OK- Beans and Turnovers VERY GOOD – Add to Site!

Monday – 4th – Slow Cooker Ham and Swiss Chicken 

Tuesday – 5th –  Pizza Loaf  – *Very Big Hit!   Would need to make two to feed our family.  VERY GOOD – Add to Site!

Wednesday – 6th – Santa Fe Chicken Salad  – SO – SO rest of Family would not like. 

Thursday – 7th – COYAN CAFE (LEFTOVERS)

Friday  8th –Mushroom Bacon Burgers  & Tater Tots

Saturday – 9th Lime Grilled Chicken/Corn on Cob/Salad  VERY GOOD – Add to Site!

Sunday – 10th – Grilled Chicken Pecan Salad  GOOD – Add to Site!  Tommy Even Ate It.  I was Surprised and yes, it is chicken, nuts and fruit! 

Monday – 11th – Hamburger Helper and Peas (mom working late)

Tuesday  -12th – Brats and Pasta Salad

Wednesday – 13th – Cheesy Keilbasa Bake VERY GOOD – Add to Site! Tommy really Liked this!

Thursday – 14th – COYAN CAFE (LEFOTVERS)

Friday – 15th – Baked Ham and Cheddar Sandwiches

Saturday – 16th – Spaghetti Pie/Garlic Cheese Toast 


Garden Fresh Pasta Salad 



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  1. yumm…. I think Im gonna have to try the Santa Fe Chicken Salad it looks really good!

  2. We had the Santa Fe Chicken salad for lunch today and I think it’s going to be a summer staple! Thankfully my family likes salad. A couple years ago we were traveling and the children refused to eat hamburgers so we bought those fast food salad plates and they sat there and gobbled it down!

  3. Sounds yummy to me.
      Where is my plates????

  4. you always make me so hungry!  thx for the recipe ideas!

  5. YUMMY! I think I need to try a bunch of these,thank you for sharing .

  6. You are so well organized. Can you come to my house??? LOL Have a blessed week.

  7. Thanks for subscribing to my site and your recipies sound yummy.

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