A Little Quiz……..

Does anyone know what plant this is??  It is a prennial that comes up in my garden.  I have been splitting it and making a border with it.  I am just wondering what it is!!!

May2007 009

May2007 007


0 responses to “A Little Quiz……..

  1. I don’t know but it sure is pretty. Have a wonderful week.~Michelle

  2. I believe those are Paper Whites. from theflowerexpert.com: Paper Whites (Narcissus tazetta) are one of the smaller flowered Narcissi which belong to the Jonquilla cultivar. Their bright white flowers are quiet fragrant. Paperwhite Narcissus is the commonly forced bulb, because it is so easy and and the flowers are so pretty. It is a member of the daffodil family, but looks much more delicate than the big yellow trumpet daffodils you can see in the spring yards.

  3. They are very beautiful!

  4. Are these not also called the “Star of Bethlehem?
    Beautiful little flowers.

  5. I thought they were “Star of Bethlehem” too.  I have some that have volunteered in my garden too.

  6. I have paperwhites and they don’t look like this, but they might be a different variety or something. I’ll second the vote on the Star of Bethlehem though. They are beautiful!

  7. They are beautiful whatever they are!

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