A busy week coming to an end…..

I am so glad the weekend is nearly here.  I am really looking forward to enjoying the weather.  I hope it is nice this weekend.   Life is crazy as always.  Erik has been hospitalized since last Friday.  We will be picking him up today and doing an intake for day treatment.   I am not exactly sure what the outcome of this last incident will be.   We will see.  Seem this is the new normal around here so I am trying to get used to it.  

Last night hubby was at a party for a co-worker.  He is planning on applying for a different job at the college since this person left for a different job.   Tommy and I enjoyed a quiet evening at home.  It was very nice.  He played outside with friends and I sat outside and read.  We came in and he was in bed and asleep by 9:30.  Very nice!!  I didn’t do much around the house so I will need to do that stuff today, while Tommy is at Preschool. 

Last weekend I spent most of the weekend making phone calls and getting my parents 50th wedding anniversary party planned.  I finally figured out a great gift for them!  Can’t tell about it as she reads this….has to be a surpise.  Maybe that is for a protected post!  

Finished another book:

The Year of Magical Thinking -Joan Didion – (3.5/5)

Josh is busy as always.  Last Weekend was Prom.   I of course took some pictures.   I will share a few and then I gotta run and get showered and ready to pick up Erik.   I will update more later on all of us!!!  Enjoy the pics….

Josh went to Prom with two friends, Amy and Emma.  

Prom 003

            Emma, Josh and Amy

Prom 002

    The girls work at Presbyterian Homes so we went there to
take pics.  It is a very nice place.  The residents all liked seeing the
kids dressed up!

Prom 004 Prom 005

                             EMMA                                                 Josh and Amy

Prom 006

Amy and Tommy

Prom 007

Josh the Guy in White…..

Prom 008

Emma and Amy

Prom 013

Prebyterian Homes provided the kids with a lovely place to have a meal before prom.

  Prom 018

Prom 026


0 responses to “A busy week coming to an end…..

  1. Love the pictures! They all look so nice all dolled up. That’s cute Tommy got to take part in the pictures, hehe.

  2. Awwwwwww, great pics!

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