I actually slept in today!  That was so nice.  I woke up early but went back to sleep and didn’t wake until 9:00am.  Today is the last day of my free time.  This afternoon the conference I am here for, The Children’s Mental Health Conference starts.  I am meeting the other social workers for supper at the Timber Lodge Steak House. 

So I am off today to finish up my shopping.  I still need a few more shirts for work and a pair of shoes.   Then hopefully it is nice out again and I can sit my the water and read.  Today I will try and remember to take my camera with as well.  It looks like it is nice out again today!   

I just googled the weather for here in Duluth.  Today it will be in the 70’s…..very nice!!   But then tomorrow it will be down to 49 and raining for the conference.  Well at least I will go to workshops all day and not be tempted to go out to enjoy the weather.   I better get out there and enjoy it!   Later!!  Have a great day!!!!


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