I have finished shopping…I have found all the shoes to replace the ones I threw out before I left and I even bought a couple of shirts.  It is enough to start out the summer for work anyways.  I just could not find any shirts that I liked.  I HATE shopping!!!

It is still really nice out though a bit windy.   I just came back from walking over to the convention center for early registration for the conference.   A couple of my co-workers went to a workshop this afternoon on Psychiatric Medicaitons.  I decided to pass.   I will start the conference tomorrow morning with the Keynote Speaker, Jonah Edelman, co-founder of Stand for Children a child advocay organization.  

Now I am going to read and rest until about 5:30 when I need to go meet the rest of my friends for supper.   Later!!


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  1. I love your pic! I miss that place! hope you are all well!

  2. Thank you so much for your blogs about Duluth, especially the beautiful picture of the ship!  I’ve been really homesick lately and this helps!

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