Weekend Ending….

Well it is hard to believe the weekend is almost over.  It goes way too fast!   This morning we went to church and ran to Walmart afterwards to buy church shoes and pants for Tommy.   He has outgrown almost all of his shoes and pants.  It is hard to keep up with buying clothes between Tommy and Erik’s growth spurts. 

We had a nice brunch and then I got a great treat!!  Hubby watched Tommy and I was able to read and nap for a bit.   Once I was up I had a bunch of paperwork things to do.  I balanced the checkbook, worked on my our budget and made my menu/shopping list for the next two weeks.  My new key to saving money….stay out of the stores and don’t take hubby with!

Currently we each get $75.00 a week of fun money.   I am hoping to cut mine back to $50.00 a week and save an additional $100 a month to put towards paying off a loan or credit card we have.   I have to try to make a dent in it now, as when summer comes there will be no extra money since I will have to pay for daycare for Tommy and someone to watch Erik as well each day that I need to work. 

Tomorrow and Tuesday I am working from home since Erik doesn’t have school.   Erik has conferences on Monday night so I will need to go to that.  Once Hubby gets home from work on Tuesday I will head to work to work all evening.   I am glad I can flex my hours, but the long hours are tough on me and I get to spend very little time with Tommy.   That is very hard, but I can’t figure a way around it. 

I received the Picture Book Preschool curriculm that I order this weekend.  We are looking forward to starting that .  This week we will read books about manners and next week the wind.  

Have a great week!!!


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  1. The picture books on manners sound interesting ! I just borrowed Emily Barnes “Manners for Boys” book at the library.  I feel like manners are sorely lacking in our society. Have a great week, too

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