I am off to start Tommy’s room.  I should show you the huge pile of junk/toys.  But it is far to embarassing….I might show the end results!   Later!  I am going to conquer this mountain 15 miuntes at a time!


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  1. You should see my boys’ playroom! Yikes! The worst part is a lot of it is my mess! I started stripping wallpaper and only finished 3 out of 4 walls, there are bags full of baby clothes I have to drop off at a friends house, boxes, you name it! I went through their 8 toyboxes and widdled it down to 3 though!

  2. I know!!! I had to do it on a day I left work early cuz they would have had panic attacks if they had seen all the “treasures” I got rid of! lol

  3. I know how it is.   I have two kids and it seems you no sooner clean it and turn your back your back at it again.   The funky stinky sock syndrome gets me everytime.

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