I am pretty close to done with Tommy’s room.  I still have one little container to go through and throw somethings.  But I did take out 2 garbage bags of toys that are going to Goodwill and one of garbage to toss.   I doubt Tommy will even notice one thing missing.  

Erik’s mother should be here to pick him up soon, so I am going to relax and read until I need to leave to get supper.  We are having KFC tonight for Family Movie Night.  Tomorrow we are going to a wedding in the afternoon and Sunday we are taking Tommy to the Children’s Museum as they have a Bob The Builder exhibit.  Should end up being a nice weekend!!  I am looking forward to it.  

Later ….


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  1. Oh, please do share pictures!  Maybe it will motivate me The kid’s toys seem to reproduce like rabbits……

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend…how I miss the days of family movie nights and going to the Children’s Museum!!!

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