OUR MENU THIS WEEK:  2/3 – 2/11

3rd  – French Fry Casserole

4th     BRUNCH: Ham and Mozzarella Brunch Bake
          SUPPER:  White Chicken Chili/ Cornbread


6th – Family Lasagna/Garlic Bread/Salad


8th   Hamburgers and Buns/Curly Fries

9th    Movie Night:  Sandwich for 12/ Chips and Dip (MOVIE = SCHOOL OF ROCK)

10th – Roast Chicken x2/ Veggie/Salad/ Rolls (crockpot: low 8 hrs)

11th    BRUNCH:  Omelet Quesabillas
           SUPPER:  Chicken Pasta w/ Baby Vegetables/ Garlic Bread/ Fruit


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  1. HI, Stopping by to say hello, your site is beautiful and lots of interesting things to read! Your menu looks yummy! I am still working on doing a menu ahead of time on a consistent basis! :)Blessings to you!K

  2. The french fry casserole looks good & easy, too.  I may try that. 

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