My ambituous To Do List on Very Little Sleep…..But I am still going……so I figure I better do what I can when I am home as I will be at work the rest of the week.   I try to take one day off a week… I guess this is is.  


  • Put Strings on Tommy’s Mittens (lost too many this year) – Found them – need his coat to measure the string – DONE
  • Renew SW License – website down, still trying – DONE
  • Make Baptism Lambs
  • Freezer Invent Upstairs
  • Feb B-Day cards – DONE
  • Thank you cards x 3 – DONE
  • Scan Tom’s Art
  • Make PW file
  • Clean out old email account
  • Send noodle recipe to Liz. – DONE
  • Laundry put away and more washed – DONE
  • Supper started – DONE



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  1. All your accomplishments always amaze me!  (4 words beginning with A in that last sentence  :- )    )   Have a great day,  Jen!   And I hope you get some sleep!   Jenn

  2. Hi Jen… visited my site today so I’m just checking yours out.  I’d like to work on getting my life a little more organized and it looks like you’ve got some pretty good handles on that just based on your frontpage.  Would you mind if I pop over once in a while?  Blessings, Kim

  3. Thanks for subscribing! I enjoyed reading your page. Looks like we have similar interests! God bless you today. Heather

  4. I’m so sorry you aren’t sleeping. I hate meds that cause so much problems, especially since it is difficult to heal when you can’t sleep.
    WOW to your table!! It looks awesome and I love the filing cabinet!!
    Good luck with the kitty! A friend of mine has a kitty with diabetes and she does have to give it shots every day. I cannot imagine that it is a very pleasant experience.
    Please get some rest!!

  5. Thanks for the congrats!! We are so happy! I little nervous still, but happy.

  6. Hi Jen….stopping by to say hello. Haven’t done that in a while. I’m amazed all the menus you have going for your family. How do you do it all? Wish I was more organized like that. I like your background. Very pretty. Well take care and have a great day….God Bless You.

  7. I hope you get all your to do list accomplished. i forget what kind of work you do? I have accomplished alot today. It is raining here so that helps keep me home and focused. LOL!

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