Running on Fumes….

Hello – First I wanted to thank all of you for the birthday wishes!!   Thanks very much.   It is greatly appreciated.  Well it is Wednesday morning and I have already worked 33 hours this week.   I worked 9 on Sunday, 11 hours on Monday and 13 on Tuesday.   I am a bit tired and unmotivated today, but will try and work a few hours from home this afternoon.   I will not be working tonight since I have bible study.   I am really looking forward to going. 

I am really trying to get all caught up at work as the next budget season is just about to hit and I am not caught up from the end of year budgets yet!!  I am sure I sound like such a workaholic, which to some regards is probably true.  I just always want to do my best at whatever I am doing.   My employer is making it easier for me to work more of course.  They have now extended the hours I can be in the building at night.  The alarm system is turned on later.   So some nights I can work until midnight even!!  Sad…but true..I have done it.   The other thing that is happening that I am really excited about.  I will have VPN access to my computer at work.  I can currently access my email, but now I will be able to actually log onto my work computer from home!  I will have access to my entire computer and the drives!   Hopefully that will mean I can work at home in the evening vs. being at the office until so late at night.   I really do love what I do….and there are moments like last night that make it all worth it.  I have to transfer the children I work with to the adult unit when they turn 18..which has become more and more difficult for me.  I had my last meeting with a family last night.  I have been working with them for almost 10 years.  Luckily I still have other children in this particular home that I started a few years ago so I will be around there some still.   I will miss this family…… feels good to know that I have worked well for this family and made a difference for them.  

Today I hoped to sleep in since I was working from home…NOPE…I was up by 6:00 and showered and dressed by 6:30.   I dropped Tommy off at Preschool and had to run home again to get a swimsuit for him since they were having a beach party.  His auntie will pick him up so I can work from home. 

Well this that said…I guess I better get to work.  I will have worked alot of extra hours this week, so I will be saving them up to hopefully take a week off in February before the next budget season.   Have a great day and I will check in with you all later!!

BTW – is anyone else having trouble with xanga???  Mine is so slow!  ARGH!!


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  1. I don’t know how you do it! With the boys at home its about all I can do to keep my head above water working 40 hours! I would love to be able to access my work from home though, that would be great!

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