Hey Everyone – Hope everyone has had a great week!   I am glad the weekend it here.   I had a lovely birthday yesterday.  After the duct cleaning person left, I took a nap.   I slept for a little over an hour.  I woke up and went to find some lovely flowers from my oldest son, Josh waiting for me in the kitchen.  He is so sweet….he makes his mama cry!  


Once Hubby came home, he took the kids and I out to eat at Olive Garden.  It was very nice to all go out as a family to celebrate my birthday.   I was so full and tired when we got home.   Hubby asked me to go get the scissors.  When I did I discovered a new knife set!!  YEAH…exactly what I wanted for my birthday.  



It is my last day home from work so I am running all my errands today.  I sure have enjoyed being home. 


  1. Pay Bills
  2. Make Menu and Grocery List
  3. Cash from Bank for Aldi
  4. Pick Tommy up From Preschool
  5. Library for movie for family movie night
  6. Buy Stamps
  7. Get Groceries
  8. Stop at Target
  9. Get Oil Changed in Van
  10. Stop at used book store – still want to go to one more
  11. Get Haircut


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  1. Yay!  I’m glad you had a happy birthday!  Enjoy your last day of vacation!

  2. I hope my boys are that sweet someday!!!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! Glad it was wonderful!

  4. What nice birthday gifts and dinner.  Your son kinds reminds me of mine.

  5. The flowers are beautiful!  And the knife set is nice, too.  I’m so glad you had a nice birthday & got to fit a nap in, too!  : )

  6. Your birthday sounded wonderful. What a sweet family you have.

  7. I am so glad you had a great birthday! You have a thoughtful family. I love the flowers! Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Happy birthday to you!!

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