Life is starting to getting back to routine around here.  We have been doing family movie night for a few weeks.  It really is nice.  Josh doesn’t make plans until later at night and he and Amy are here for Movie Night.  I made some snacky type kid food and we eat in the living room and watch a movie together.   I found a website with the top 100 family movies so we are drawing numbers and going to watch those.    Amy drew #25 for next week.  So we will be watching Wallace & Grommit: The curse of the Were-Rabbit.    The movie Open Season comes out on the 30th and my hubby really wants to see that, so we will watch that of course.   It sure make us all look forward to Friday Nights together.

SATURDAY – I had gotten groceries on Friday so Saturday we went to the library and went out shopping for appliances.   We needed a new freezer as ours the door no longer sealed and we weren’t sure it was worth fixing.   While at Sears we found a in-wall oven that we were going to purchase until we realized that the inside of it was smaller than ours.  You could not even get a cookie sheet in it.  NO WAY.   So we didn’t end up buying the new cook top or oven we looked at.  We know we really need to get ours changed.  A few years ago they tagged our oven as being unsafe.  We got it fixed, but it is so old and probably a hazard.  So we are back at the drawing board as far as what to do.  Now we are thinking of getting a regular range and take the oven out of the wall.  It is a big project either way.  While at Sears we did find a new range hood on sale for $16.00.  So Hubby and the boys are putting that together today.  

SUNDAY – Tommy slept in the tent in the living room last night.   I had to sleep on the couch as he was scared.  We went to church this morning and then came home and I made brunch for everyone.  We had gotten out of that as well, I was making a big breakfast every Sunday.  So we did that and then Tommy and I watched a movie while the big guys put in the range hood.   Now, I am busy trying to defrost our old freezer.  We bought a smaller one that will be delievered tomorrow.  Our old one was so big that stuff got lost in it.   I will be making a new Freezer inventory and trying to do better about keeping track of the inventory.   Josh said he would help clean up the part of the basement where the freezer is since the junk is all his!!!  He is home all night tonight and tomorrow and said he would help me.   Gotta love that boy.  

Back to defrosting the freezer….later!


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  1. Movie night sounds fun! Thank you for the link. We’re in need of some different family movies and that wererabbit one sounds cute.

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