OH Man….

Well today I decided I really needed my hair highlighted.  I have never ever done this myself.  I normally pay my lovely hair dresser well over $100 to do it for me.  Money is so tight for us, I decided I would buy a kit at Target, only $6.00.   Ok, I get the cap on and start pulling hair through.  Can anyone do this all themselves??  I sure couldn’t.   So what to do?????    There is not way for me to get the back of my hair done by myself.  I call my lovely son up to help me with this.  Josh sure had  fun time with this!   Charlie also had to join in the fun, with pictures and movies.   How crazy am I to have two 18 year old boys dye my hair!!   It was alot of fun and it seems to have turned out ok.   I hate to see where the pics the boys took will be posted to blackmail me!    I better be nice to them as I might want them to help again….Did I say that????   I think I will ask my SIL next time!  Yep…always making memories with my boys…LOL!!

Sorry…don’t think I will be sharing pictures with you all.  


0 responses to “OH Man….

  1. Sounds like something my son would do! LOL!  He likes dyeing hair, he’s done his and his friends and it’s turned out pretty good.
    my dad does my mom’s pulled thru the cap each month and he’s done well all these years since she had to train him needing help to do it each time and it turns out great. Hope you like your hair! 😉 

  2. Too funny.  I remember my husband giving me a perm one time and all the comments about cat pee he made :-0 Precious memories !

  3. Well whether it looks good or not you probably made some great memories!

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