Tommy Photography….

It is always a great laught to let Tommy loose with the camera.  The pictures he takes, makes you wonder what he is thinking.   So for you enjoy and glimpse into my 4 year olds mind!!




A self portrait……(his arms too short to get the whole face!)


From his collection of Pictures from our Trip to Walt Disney World…


0 responses to “Tommy Photography….

  1. How funny!  😉  Good job Tommy! 😉   Blessings!

  2. Those are fun. Pictures by children are always so artistic.

  3. psst: he’s 5. ;)We got Johanna a digi camera, and her pics are hilarious… I should see if I can find the link…

  4. aha… here you go… lol

  5. I love little feet. I smiled the second I saw it.I let my son have my camera at times. I haveseveral nose shots. LOL
    Great Pics

  6. LOL, I love the walt disney world pic! It is always interesting to find the pics the kids take.

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