Taking It Easy Today….

Today we are taking it easy, gearing up for the upcoming week.   I took the younger two boys to church and then came home.   My parents took us out for lunch at Old Country Buffet before they headed back to South Dakota.  I am extrememly grateful for all the help of my parents this weekend.   With them being here I was able to be at the hospital with hubby and make sure he was ok.  My mom caught up all my laundry and they cleaned the living room while I was at church.    I am still feeling pretty overwhelmed, but I know how much work awaits me at the office since I took more time off unplanned since hubby was in the hospital. 

Finished Reading….

Daniel Isn’t Talking by Matri Leimbach  – 4/5

It is a story of a family dealing with the diagnosis of autism and how it affects their family and marriage.  



0 responses to “Taking It Easy Today….

  1. Interesting…I’ll have to look for it.  I read a spate of Aspberger’s books last year while my hubby was in India and it was quite the informative two weeks.

  2. The book about the family dealing with autism sounds good, although I could probably write a pretty good book on how I’ve dealt with it myself…if only I had the time.Hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving!Keeping you and yours in our prayers.

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