Good Night…

I am safely home from work.  It is about 11:20 and all is quiet in our home.  I just went in our bedroom and Tommy is curled up asleep in his Daddy’s arms.   Too Cute….

I was very tired driving home from work.  I need to get more sleep!  I was whipping down HWY 52 and a patrolman was under the bridge.  He had mercy on me and didn’t stop me.   Did I decide to drive within the speed limit after that??  Nope..I was tired and had the air on to keep awake on the drive home.  I wish I had a shorter commute home!   So I am blasting down the freeway and it is under construction and of course there are two patrolman sitting in the dark waiting to catch speeders in the construction zone…yep…where fines are double!!   God again smiled on me and I didn’t get pulled over.   I never have seen so many patrolman out this late at night when I am driving home.  

I am trying to post more as I know my mother has been worrying a bit about me lately.  Truth be told, I have been struggling a bit, but I seem to be improving.   I still am under some very strict deadlines at work, which is stressful and I am scrambling to get everything done I need to by the end of the year.  I will be taking a vacation in January!!   But rest assure Mom, when I don’t post I am not in the hospital.  I actually have been in pretty good health this year.  What is up with that???  Life just has been bit much …

I was worrying about money on the way home and to my surprise there was a check from my flexible spending account waiting for me at home.  It was double the amount I was expecting…..God is Gracious.   We have always been provided for.  They finally seem to have my account all caught up.  I am not impressed with the new company that took over our flexible spending accounts at work.  

I am back attending my bible study on Wednesday night and that is such a joy to me.  I always leave there feeling so much better.  What an amazing group of people!   

So how is that….Three posts in one day!!   The grey cloud must be lifting…

I am off to bed….have a great night.  Count your blessings…..I am taking inventory tonight and I am truly blessed in many ways!


0 responses to “Good Night…

  1. Oh Jen!  I’m not your mom but I am concerned…pretty soon your picture is going to be up on the board at the police station!  I’ll be praying for you to get through the end of the year in good shape.  Where are y’all going in January?

  2. I can really relate to the busy schedule and money stresses! It has always amazed me that God is so gracious and always provides when I don’t know what to do. Its also amazing the gift of strength that He’s given us as wives and mothers! I work full time, have two kids, keep up the house (most of the time! 😉 and all that goes along with being the wife of a traveling soldier. Its awesome the support we’re given when we ask! I think we’re superhuman! lol

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