Happy Blog……

I think the best medicine for feeling down is listing the happy things in your life…….

1.  Weigh In Today….I have lost 22 pounds and I am below my weight watchers goal weight!   If I was still attending I would be a lifetime member.  My BMI is currently 23 so my next goal will be to be at 22, which would mean a loss of 6 more pounds. 

2.  My friends are a wonderful support and I appreciate them all so very much both those at church, xanga and work.

3.  Hubby, Tommy and I are going out of town tomorrow!  I am attending a conference all day on Saturday, but the rest of the weekend will be just hanging out with them and relaxing.  Which both hubby and I really, really, really need.   

4.  This one I am happy and sad about…..my baby, Tommy is 5 years old today!!!  He is such a joy in our lives. 

5.  Looks like Grandma will be coming out of the nursing home on Saturday and will be at home again. 


0 responses to “Happy Blog……

  1. You so rock!  I’m such a heifer and it doesn’t look like I can do anything but moo…
    Happy birthday, Tommy!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss, that’s super! 🙂   Happy Birthday to Tommy.  Enjoy your evening. Blessings!

  3. Wow! Congrats on your weight loss! I feel the same way about my Xanga friends. Happy Birthday to Tommy!

  4. You are awesome. I am trying to lose weight too. Happy Birthday to your son, Tommy. Thanks for sharing your happy thoughts, make me smile.

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