Erik is 14 today.  He has a couple of appointments this afternoon and then we will be celebrating at home.   Just a small party with just us.   He was suppose to have a movie party on Sunday, but it didn’t work out as one of his closest friends was at his dads for the weekend.    So we are still going to do that, but this weekend he is at his mothers.   I pondered and pondered the perfect gift for Erik.   I found what I thought would be perfect, but it took a bit of convincing of my hubby.   Erik is going to love it!  Now to convince hubby of what I want to get Tommy next month!! LOL!!   I tend to buy larger gift for birthdays as we really down play gifts at Christmas as we want the true meaning of Christmas to be the foucs of the holiday.   Books, PJs and socks are a given every Christmas and maybe one small toy.  

So tonight we will have Crab Alfredo and have a cake to celebrate Erik’s Special Day!  


0 responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIK!!!

  1. Happy Birthday to Erik, hope he has a fun birthday! 😉  Blessings!

  2. Yum, and happy birthday to Erik!

  3. Happy Birthday to Erik!!!!

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