We slept in a bit since I am not going into the office today.    I have a number of errands to do this morning that are hard to take care of during the work week.    The big items on the list today are all for my van…..I need to buy tabs and new tires this morning.   We are gettting it all ready for winter!    It will come soon enough and I can’t make it through another winter on these tires. 

I should also get make my menu, and get groceries!    I am suppose to go to the friends house this evening and I am looking forward to an evening with the girls!  




5:30 to 7:00 – READY FOR WORK

     6:00 – Get Up and Weigh Self/ Make Bed

     6:15 – Start Laundry (DARKS)/ Get pop
     6:30 – Shower/Dress/Make-Up




     7:00 – Wake Up Erik
     7:15 – Dress Tommy
     7:30 – Fold Laundry
     7:45 – Put Away Dishes



8:00 to 9:00 – KITCHEN/DINING ROOM

__ Wipe Counters          __ Wipe Appliances               ___  Wipe Back Door 

__ Wipe Table Tops       __ Clean Window and Sill

__  Plastics Cupboard


WEEK 1                     WEEK 2                  WEEK 3             Week 4

Detailed Table Clean   Wash Rugs             Clean Trash Can       Org Cupboards x2

Wipe Cupboards      Mop                      Org Cupboards x2   Phone Area

                                 Detail Appl.                                           Wall Prints

                                     Micro                                                 Light Fixtures





9:00 Leave For Preschool


Work From Home

Get Groceries/Errands

Pick A Drawer


SUPPER: ___________________________________




  __   20 Minute Tidy All Areas of House

  __   Kitchen Dishes and Sweep

  __   Laundry Switch

  __  Lay out Clothes

  __ Pack Bags

  __  Make Lunch

  __  Supper Prep if Needed





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  1. Have a great Friday!!

  2. I get to sleep on Sat morning. I have a wonderful husband. By the way, I love your schedual.

  3. Your schedule reminds me of a program I read about that had a card file system, stay organized with 3×5’s
    I think it would work really well, just sticking to it…awesome!!!! cudos to u

  4. Hey girlfriend, thanks for your encouragement and prayers. 🙂 Have a great holiday weekend. 🙂

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