I am a happy camper.  After nine years of debating a purchase we finally made it tonight.   We have a terrible time parting with our money at times or at least I do!  We have wanted to buy a new matteress for a few years.   We bought a slightly used matteress about 10 years ago and it really has seen it’s better days.    In my first marriage we have a select comfort bed and I loved it!    Hubby and I have been wanting to get one for a long time.   Select Comfort was having a good sale for Labor Days so we had to take advantage of it.    My hubby and I both have severe back issues.   My hubby had back surgery 10 to 11 years ago and I was in a severe car accident and rolled my SUV about 2.5 years ago and still have really bad back and neck pain.    We really are hoping the new matteress will help with my chronic pain.   So we should receive our new Select Comfort Bed in about 10 days!     You know you are getting old when you are this excited about a matteress and waking up without pain!!!    At this point in my life I can’t imagine not waking up in pain.   So I really hope this new matteress helps!  

Well I am off to bed and to dream about my new matteress…..LOL!!!


0 responses to “WOO HOO!!!!

  1. Hooray for new mattresses!  I hope you sleep well on it!

  2. good for you! sweet dreams ~~~~

  3. I just saw them in the mall, i had never heard of them before. If hubby decides he doesn’t like the Tempur, I think we’ll try that next.Enjoy!! I hope this means you finally get a good nights sleep!

  4. My hubby has back problems too and last years tax refund we bought new beds, he’s loved it and it has helped his back so much. You’ll enjoy the purchase! 😉   Have a blessed Friday!

  5. YIPPPPPEEEE YAHOOOOOOOO for the new bed I want a new bed too. Have a restful sleep

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