A Real Entry…..

I suppose I should do a real entry, I just haven’t had the time to blog lately.  As a matter of fact I really haven’t felt like it.   Today I was out and about this morning and then I came home to watch Erik so Josh and Amy could go to Josh’s Dad’s new house.   This morning I went to visit a friend who’s son came home from his second tour in Iraq.  He is what I guess they call “walking wounded”.  He has a traumatic brain injury and PTSS.    I have know him since he was 13 or so.   He is around 21 and really is struggling.  He has one more year as an active duty Marine.  It was hard to hear about it, since my nephew is in Iraq as well.  So young to have your life changed forever. 

I am cleaning up a bit around the house and working a bit today.   My mom is coming tomorrow and will be staying for about a week since my daycare is on vacation for the week.   I hpe she and I will be able to get out a few evening and do some things.  I really appreciate her watching Tommy for us.  This might be the last summer, since next year he will be starting school and my SIL will no longer do daycare. 

Josh is working at the college at least 20 hours a week and at Express.  He is hardly home.  He does come into my room each night and bounce down on my bed to bug me for a bit.   It is nice to just hang out with him a bit.  I just enjoy his company.   He makes me laugh!

Erik is struggling behaviorally, which is part of the reason I haven’t blogged.  We are busy!  He is correcting every wrong he has done, but unfortunately he contimues to add more and more wrongs to the list to correct.   He is really on a roll.   Josh has been staying home most mornings to watch Erik.   The job Erik is working on now has been taking him about 3 days.  He would have been done yesterday, but he snuck a tool out of the garage and caused more damage.     He had to make some stuff up to Amy as well since he was not good when she watched him the other day.   She was nearly in tears by the  time we got home.  She couldn’t figure out how he got into the things he did.   I sure hope he is good for my mom next week.

Tommy….he is great!   He is playing outside alot and enjoying the summer.  He can’t wait for school to start.  He asks each day if he can go to school yet.   We have gone to the beach a few times and hope to check out a few parks in the area that we haven’t been to.   He always loves to make a picnic and go to the park.  One of his favorite things to do.  We have started reading Chapter books.  He loves Horrible Harry and the Magic Treehouse Books.  We are reading the Magic Treehouse #4 right now that is about Pirates.   Boy does he think that is exciting!!

Hubby…is great!  Gotta love that guy.  He is working alot, but is home in the evening and helps out a bit.  We went to Puppy Kindergarten together last night to just get out of the house alone.   We are looking forward a quiet weekend soon!

Me…..I am busy working and reading.  I have been making sure I go to bed each night by 9:00 and read until I fall asleep.   It really has helped me to relax.   When I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed I accomplish alot of reading!!   Weight Watchers ended at my work since they didn’t have enough paying members this time around.  too many made lifetime!!   I actually have been doing better since I quit going to WW.  I have lsot 4 pounds since I stopped going.   I think it helped to not focus some much energy on my weight.  Plus I am off the steriods now and that seemed to help as well.  So now I have to probably buy new pants for work!  I have to wear a belt with my size 8 pants.   I haven’t been able to say that in YEARS!!!  I hope I can maintain it over the winter month.  Winters in Minnesota sure don’t lend themselves to losing weight.  

 I best get going and clean the house some more!  Have a great weekend!!!!!


0 responses to “A Real Entry…..

  1. Wow… how do u manage three kids, I can hardly handle one myself. Cant wait for mine to grow up like urs.
    Its wonderful to spend time together with hubby. Hope u have a great n quiet weekend!!

  2. A belt with a size 8? That’s wonderful! Congratulations!!I’m sorry Erik has been so trying lately. I hope he’s good for your mom.

  3. I agree I think WW does keep you focused on your weight to much. I always seem to gain sorry to hear about your friends son. Young men should not have to see that kind of stuff one of my son’s best friends just left for Basic Training after that he is probley going to Iraq it just makes my heart hurt.

  4. Hi there, hope all is well.

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