Gotta Love My Book Group…….

In August we will be meeting on one members river boat…..(hoping she don’t try to drive!!!)

In September we are going for 4 days to Emily, MN to a members cabin to discuss the book.

In October or November one member would like us to go to her house in Florida….AAAHHH….wouldn’t that be nice.  All I would have to pay for is the flight.  I wonder if I could actually travel that far alone????  I never have!  Not sure hubby would go for that, but it sure would be fun!

The October meeting is at a haunted house…..we are going to the Author of House of Spirits and Whispers home nearby.  Should be interesting…..

What a fun group…….we also have started a monthly movie night.  


0 responses to “Gotta Love My Book Group…….

  1. Fun outings for a bookclub! 🙂 That’s great!

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