Joshua James and His “Dads!”

Josh is lucky enough to have three “Dads”, who all love him every much.   Ok, to explain this a bit.  First is Jim, my frist husband who I started dating when I was 3 months pregnant with Josh and Josh thinks of as his father.   Next Paul, my husband and has helped to raise Josh since he was 10.  Lastly, Karl, Josh’s biological father.

Josh and his parents.  Josh with his biological parents.

Me and my Baby!

Josh and His “Karl” Dad. 

Charlie, Amy and Josh

Josh and his grandparents!

Josh and his “Jim” Dad. 

Josh and “Paul” Dad. 

Josh and his parents who have raised him.


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  1. Oh what wonderful pictures! Pat yourself on the back Mom, you’ve done a great job. What a blessing to have the three men who have helped to shape Josh be able to stand together for a picture.
    Way to go Josh!! What are his future plans?

  2. Wonderful picutres! Thank you for sharing. Congratulations Josh! And way to go Mom and Dad(s), you have raised a fine young man.

  3. Congrats to Josh! Thanks for sharing the photos! Have a great weekend!

  4. Congratulations to Josh on his graduation! And that’s wonderful that he has three dads! That first picture with him and all of his dads is really special.

  5. I think it’s wonderful that all 3 dads were in the one picture. That is awesome. WTG Josh! Instead of “My 3 Sons” it’s My 3 Dads!

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