Today we are resting….we had a bunch of people over last night from 4:00 until about 12:30.   It was alot of fun and the puppy had a great time with all the kids.  He is so good with the kids.  

Seeing my children with the puppy so makes you know that this was the right thing for them.   They are all helping a lot to take care of him.  Last night Josh took him for the night and had him in his room.  This morning I went down and got the puppy so Josh could sleep some more.   He said the puppy slept until about 5:00 am until he needed to go potty.  I took him out to go at 8:40 and he went fine.  Now he is eating and playing with Tommy.  I can’t wait until Erik comes home and sees him, he will be so exctied!! 


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  1. Did you name your puppy?

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