Wanna See What My Wonderful Hubby Got Me…………………

Happy Anniversary to us……hubby let the boys and I pick up a puppy that we just love.  He has been alot of fun already.  The boys and I just love him….

I have been wanting a puppy for about 8 years….we finally took the plunge!  Hubby is soooo good to me!

Now to name him…….

Suggestions welcome!!


0 responses to “Wanna See What My Wonderful Hubby Got Me…………………

  1. He is soooo cute. I’m not very good at names.

  2. He is cute.  I can come up with some bad names for you.  Like “Fuzzies” or “Fluffy” (sounds more like a cat, eh?), “Softie,”…I will stop now.  Hope someone else can help in the name department.  There’s always “Fluff!”  OK…stopping now.

  3. Oh that’s too cute!
    He looks like a “Jack” to me.

  4. He is sooo cute!  I’ve always loved the name “Pretzle” (not sure if that’s spelled right) but he’s pretty fluffy for that.  How about Scooter?  Or Pom Pom?  

  5. OHHH He is soooo cute!!! So fluffy and adorable! He looks like a teddy bear!!! Awwwwww, I want one hehe. Yes, I’m gushing all over your comments, lol. Oh I don’t know any good names, he’s just so cute I can’t think, hehe.

  6. Aw, he is so cute.  I want a puppy, too.  What kind is he?  How about Martin?  He looks like a Martin to me.

  7. Oh he’s soooooo cute! I like the name Lucky.

  8. I’d call him Aspen, he reminds me of fluffy snow

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