Wow…a beautiful Friday here in MN and not hardly a person in the office this afternoon.  ARGH!!!  But it sure made it easy to find a good parking place today.  LOL!!   I have already been to Red Wing to do a school observation this morning and now I am heading out to a homevisit, then I am done for the day!   I did manage to close two cases…YEAH!!  That just means more new ones though.  

Unfortunately I have alot of meetings scheduled for June.  The new social worker starts on the 1st and I am the one that does the training/mentoring in our unit.   I need to try to be in the office as much as possible in June.  Luckily her cube is right next to mine, which will make mentoring very easy.  I still have to make up two manuals before she starts…hmmmm….not sure when I will get to that.  

BTW – I am so happy to report  I have been off of predisone since Monday.   I pray I will stay healthy and able to stop taking steroids!

I don’t plan to do much this weekend.  We are having family over on Sunday and hubby is picking his brother up from the airport on Saturday.  I hope to putter around the house and outside as much as possible.  I need to get the rest of the Erik’s, Tommy and my summer clothes out of storage.   And plenty of laundry to do of course.  

Off to work a bit before heading to my homevist at 3:30.   Have a great day!!


0 responses to “FRIDAY

  1. I do hope you have a good weekend, Jen.  You are so busy!

  2. Yeah for being off prednisone! Have a great weekend!

  3. Sounds like just the kind of weekend you need, not too busy!! Enjoy your down time!

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