I have to go to Duluth on July 14 for a meeting and we decided that since it is my hubby’s birthday weekend, he and Tommy would go with me.    I called around to find a room on Canal Park for that weekend and everything was booked.   The rooms are so expensive too!!!  YIKES!!    I never go to Duluth and stay overnight except for the Children’s Mental Health Conference, which is off season.   So we are staying at the Inn on Lake Superior for hubby’s birthday.  

Josh will be at the Sonshine cconcert in Willmar and Erik at his mom’s so it will just be Hubby, Tommy and I.  If Josh would be here I would ask him to keep Tommy for the weekend.  

Also we decided tonight that I will be going to South Dakota for graduation ceremony.   My best friends stepson is graduating so I am going.   I am taking Josh with me as I don’t want to drive that far alone and Tommy will be with of course as well.   I feel terrible but hubby won’t allow Erik to come as he would have to miss one day of school and he can’t afford to miss anymore school.  Hubby can’t take any time off of work either.   Bummmer…. 

So I guess Josh, Tommy and I will be heading to South Dakota.  



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  1. Hi! Hope you have a nice trip. Come by today’s post and read the poem. It’s great!

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