I am awake at this hour, not by choice!!    ARGH!!   I am thinking this will need to be a free night at the hotel.   The fire alarms went off around midnight.  The alarm and flashing lights were going off in the entire hotel.  The staff could not get it to shut off.    So for the last hour and 1/2 a blaring alarm has been going off.  So much for a good night sleep.   The alarm guy lives 30 miles away and still isn’t here, but the manager that came in was able to silence the alarm though it isn’t shut off.   But they garuantee us there is no fire.   Nice…..

I am going to pack up my stuff and try and go to sleep.   Later!!


0 responses to “ARGH!!

  1. Oh, good grief!  I think they need to give y’all more than just a free night!

  2. I agree with Lori!  I’m still jealous because you’re in Duluth.  I saw the other day you ate at Angie’s!  I only ate there once or twice, but still. It’s Duluth.  What hotel are you staying in?  I’d definitely complain!

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