Argh…second time I am typing this.   Xanga ate me post!!    I am in Duluth.  I got here at about 2:00 today.   I checked into my room and then headed to my meeting at the Residential Treatment Center.   I was at the meeting until 4:30.

After that I stopped off at Target to get some pop and things.   Then it was back to my room for the evening or so I thought.   I bumped into my co-worker and we went out to supper together.  

After supper we went back to our rooms and I did absolutely nothing.   I called Tommy and hubby to check in and then took a nap.   It sure feels great to do nothing!!  Tomorrow I should work some to get caught up on paperwork, but tonight was HG TV marathon….LOL!!

My room is ok, but has a huge beam in the middle of it that is in between the couch and TV so you ahve to watch TV from the bed to see it.. lOL!!!

Tomorrow I should get some work done.   The conference starts on Sunday evening so I will be busy after that until leaving.   More of my co-workers will be coming here on Sunday. 

I am off to read and relax.  Have a great weekend!!


0 responses to “FRIDAY…..

  1. Wish I was there, relaxing with you.  I hope you have a great time!

  2. Hey Jen,
    Did Syd join you all?

  3. It sure is nice to relax and do nothing, that’s what I am doing now at our hotel, fun fun! 🙂 

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