I am being a bit lazy today…I better really get in gear now!    I got up and got Erik off to school.  Once Erik was gone I went back to bed since Tommy was still sleeping.   Then I dropped Tommy off at daycare and ran a few errands.   I went to kohls to look for a shower curtain.    I saw they had Lee Casual Capris on sale….17.99 normally 36.00 so I boguht 3 pairs for work.  And the funnest part……I grabbed a size 6 and I could wear them!!!!   WOW!!   But I like my pants a bit baggy so I bought the size 8 instead.   I don’t seem to be losing weight much but I have gone down a few pants sizes!

I am off to find some lunch and do laundry.   Have a great day!


0 responses to “Hello……

  1. Hi there! You are tiny, I wear a 6 and sometimes an 8 too! Have a great lunch!

  2. Oh…to be a size 8 again.  *sigh*

  3. Well, you must be doing something right!

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