Well today is a blackout day at work.   This means I am not suppose to answer email or the phone and only work on these correction that we have to do due to our state audit.  5 years of documentation need to be updated to meet state guidelines.   Not a fun job.  I have to get done today as I was planning on taking Friday off since daycare is closed.  Friday is our last blackout day and everything has to be done!  So I will be staying at work today until everything is done.   ARGH!!!  Hopefully it isn’t too late of a night. 

Friday, Tommy and I will be home alone all day.  Erik will be with his mom and Josh is working that extra job.   Hubby will be working all  day as well.  I am not sure what we will do, probably go to the park or something.  Bake cookies and maybe do an art project.  

Next week I only work on Monday and Friday in the office since hubby is out of town.   I will work a few hours at home Tues -Thurs.   I sure love that I have such a flexible job and a great supervisor!!!

Well time to get my lunch made and start waking up Tommy for school.   Have a great day!   


0 responses to “END FOR THE WEEK FOR ME……

  1. Yowza…I hope you don’t have to be at work too late.

  2. Have a great Thursday! Blessings! 😉

  3. You’re very lucky to have a wonderful job and supervisor! Good luck and Happy Easter!

  4. I need a job like that.  I hate not working.  I am so bored.

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