Today was busy….and I got most everything accomplished, except for my menus.  I will do that later this week or weekend.  

Joshua has finally decided to stop waiting for his parents to begin the huge project of musical bedrooms.  Today he started emptying our computer room and the process of moving Erik into his own room.   Erik will be on the main floor next to us due to many reasons, one being just supervision.  I think it will be a good thing.  Plus with Josh starting college and working we wanted him to have his own room to come and go without worrying if Erik is sleeping, etc.   We are trying to give him more of his own space since he will be 18.   We are letting him have a lock on his bedroom door to keep little brothers out.  But Mom and Dad have a key to get in when they want.   Also…I am thinking about getting him a dorm fridge for his room for his birthday.   We are trying to make it more like a dorm room for him since he will be living at home and going to college.  He is moving the downstairs couch into his room and will have a living room area in his room.  He has a huge bedroom.  I am excited for him… is as close to his own apartment as he will get for a bit.  

I can’t stand the entire house being in disarray, but this was the perfect weekend to start.  Erik leaves a day early this weekend to visit his Mom and we don’t have to worry about getting his bed set up.   Also next week my hubby is at an IT conference and I will be home three days so I can work on getting things back in order more.   And getting rid of things!!  SO much to do…but with graduation coming I want it all done!

Well it is nearly time for Tommy to head to bed. I think I will sit outside with him for a bit and then convince he to head to bed.  Erik is studying for a test and Josh and Amy are working on the room arranging.   Hubby is at the neighbors helping them with the computer I think…at least he disappeared…LOL!!



0 responses to “IT HAS STARTED…….

  1. That is a great thing to do for Josh! I think the mini-fridge is a great idea, too.

  2. That is an excellent idea for your son. You are a great mom.

  3. What college is Josh going to? My husband started off as a Golden Gopher.

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