Our first afternoon in Florida was spent at Epcot!  

My Boys……..

The boys are outside of the ride Mission Space – Erik got sick on that ride.  Hubby and Josh went on it a different day too, but not Erik!  There was no way you would get him on that again!

We had to have our pics taken with alot of Characters….Can’t miss Mickey!

The entire family got in the pic with Minnie!

Us outside of the Living Sea, by the Nemo fish!

BTW, our favorite park was …….Epcot, the only one we went to twice during the trip!


We left Epcot a bit early since it was actually a little chilly and we didn’t bring sweatshirts.   Hubby and the older boys went on a few rides and Tommy and I walked around with the stroller and stopped off to have some McDonald’s French fries since Tommy was hungry. 

After leaving Epcot we went in search of a place to eat supper.  We ate at the Golden Corral…..and it was yucky!!  Over $60.00 for the family to eat and the food was icky and the place smelled!

After eating we headed back to the resort!  Tommy got to enjoy the Jacuzzi for his bath.  He was in there FOREVER!

The older two boys were just hanging out and watching TV!


Nice Look, Josh!

I am turning into one of those relatives that makes you watch all their slide shows after their vacation!!!  LOL!!   Well at least we were only gone for 7 days. 


  • Always stay at a place with a kitchen.  You save so much money by not eating in restaurants!

  • Don’t put off a trip like this – I am so happy we went on this trip.  We only have a limited time with our boys and we know we are building lasting memories with them.  It was so rewarding to see the awe, excitement and joy in Erik and Tommy’s faces!  Hubby and I have plenty of years to travel when the children are grown!  My baby, Josh starts college in September.  My Bro, Danny was so right….it was worth every single penny in memories and fun with our children!

  • RENT A STROLLER – you can rent a stroller for multiple days.  I rented for 4 days and was able to get a stroller at each park for the discounted rate!  Tommy got tired of walking very quickly.

  • Take a backpack to the parks with you with snacks and water bottles in it.  It saves alot of money and the snacks are enough to tie the kids over until we could get back to make a meal.  We actually only ate out 3 times on the entire trip, unless you count McDonalds at the airports as well, then we ate out 5 times. 

  • Refill your water bottles from the water fountains and drink alot of water! It’s FREE!

  • #1 thing – don’t run yourself crazy trying to see everything, especially with little ones along.  It isn’t worth it.  We would pick the rides the boys really wanted to go on and get our fast pass for that, and just enjoy the park for as long as it was enjoyable.  If Tommy was crabby or whatever we left.  Also we didn’t get to the park until later, everyone was able to sleep in and got plenty of rest.  You can always go again another year, just make the time you are there enjoyable by being relaxed with your itinerary.  We have enough things we want to do in Orlando yet, that we could do 3 more weeks there!


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  1. I can say “amen” to all of your recommendations.  We had a great time at Disney/Epcot last year.
    Feel free to show “slides”.  We don’t have to get stuck in your living room to watch them for hours on end

  2. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Wow.  What great fun.  More fun than playing in the dirt.  I haven’t been there since I was 13, but I remember ever moment of it.  My Dad lives down there now, so we’re hoping to go very soon!!
    Can you blame that kid for not wanting to get out of that tub  I wish I was in that tub !!!!
    Glad you had such a great time !!!

  4. Epcot is much more kid friendly that it has been in recent years. And its not just kid-friendly – its good for all ages. Did you see Nemo show? The boys loved that. I went on Mission Space, it was pretty disorienting! Poor Eric! Florida can get chilly at night. I came from 30F Germany weather to 60F Florida weather and I thought I’d be in shorts all day! I was freezing! The humidity really gets to you when you come from a dry climate.

  5. that is so cool! looks like everyone had a great time!

  6. Great pictures, love your tips! Looks like such a fun trip. The boys all look so cute and happy.

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