Random Stuff While I Eat Lunch……..


Friendship Test – Elizabeth Noble – 4/5 – A lighter Read, but this author really does well with writing about female relationships. 

The Covenant – Naomi Regan – 5/5 – Great Read!!  Story of terrorist activity in Modern Day Jerusalem.  


I went to weight watchers on Monday and I maintain over my vacation.  YEAH!!  Now to lose a few pounds.  

4.6 Pounds to Goal

  I am starting to taper off my prednisone again after increasing it during our little influenza fest!  I had three messages from my Endocrinologist when I returned from vacation.   He wanted me to know that they did not find any fractures in my back.  But they did discover some calcification on my kidney during the x-ray.   So I need to have an ultrasound of my kidney to rule out kidney stones.  

I hope to be off the prednisone by the 24th of April or so.   I see the pulmonolgist on April 26th.  I certainly have to consider going to Florida more often in the winter.  It was beautiful down there and my breathing was the best it had been in months.   Of course I am starting to cough again in Minnesota.  ARGH!!  It is actually very nice here today.  It is in the 40’s here. 

Well I am done eating my lunch….back to work!  Later!


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  1. I remember that Naomi Ragen book.  She’s one of my favorite authors…very intense and always thought-provoking.
    I’m glad you’re getting off your prednisone and that you maintained over vacation. 

  2. Hi, my name is Haleigh White and I’m a high school junior who is in the process of creating a cookbook to sell and donating the proceeds to a clinic that helps support children with ADD, ADHD, and autism. I was wondering if I could include some of your recipes in the book. You will be credited.Comment back!

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