TIDY/LYSOL – 15 minutes each room!

Master Bedroom – DONE – dusted, swept and changed sheets
Tommy’s Room – DONE – Made bed, vacuumed, picked up toys and straighten one book shelf
Living Room – DONE – Vacuumed, pick up, febreeze Couches, Wash Blankets, go through newspapers – Lysol surfaces. 

Taking a little break then will finish up the last few rooms.   I have to have my house clean before we go on vacation,  I can’t stand coming home to a mess.

Kitchen – DONE  – Cleared Table, Put Away Clean Dishes, Washed Dishes,  Wipe out Micro and Fridge, Garbage Out and Swept Floor 
Dining Room – DONE – put away clean clothes, go through mail and pledge the table. 
Laundry – Going to save for tomorrow or later this evening depending on when hubby get home. 

Hubby called and said he would be working late so I guess no rest for me again tonight.   The house is all clean for the most part.  Erik is started on his homework after a fair amount of arguing and lying about what he needed to do.  A call to Dad put an end to that quickly.  Tommy is working on his homework too….he loves to do that. 

I am off to get supper going and then we will continue on homework for the rest of the night.   Erik’s Dr appointment went fine…he was started on a new medication so hopefully that will help with the impulsiveness.   We are really struggling with that!



0 responses to “TIDY UP TIME………

  1. I hope all the Lysol worked and you don’t get sick.  Moms aren’t suppose to get sick.

  2. Please take care.

  3. I hear you…I cannot come home to a dirty house…just can’t do it!  It’s so nice to come home to clean!!

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