Still Sick………….

Well last night I went into the office to pick up some work so that I could work if needed.   The boys were pretty good for hubby.  Erik was the only one vomitting anymore and he makes it to the toilet.  So easy on hubby.    I am doing my best to fight off getting this.   I have the cough, but my symptoms seem mild to me.   I am taking airborne an immune builder every 4 hours.   Lots of vit C, etc.  

I got up around 8 and passed out meds to everyone and then went back to bed.  We all slept until noon.   Rest and water, just what the Dr ordered.   Everyone took showers and had some soup for lunch.  They both seem to be a little better this afternoon, but we will see what the evening brings since they seem better than get worse, especially Erik.  

When hubby gets home I will probably crawl in bed and sleep a bit as well.   Tommy does not have strep.  The overnight culture was negative as well.  He cries once in a while that his throat hurts so I have been giving him motrin.  

Well off to clean up a bit and refill water bottles for the boys.  I doubt I will be going to work at all this week.  Not a good thing, but hard to avoid.   Hubby can’t take time off as he is in the middle of moving the computer lab to the new center and is really busy!   So I guess I  have kiddo duty all week!   


0 responses to “Still Sick………….

  1. Ugh.  Hang in there girlfriend. . .and prayers that you stay healthy.  The only thing worse than caring for a sick family is caring for everyone, when you’re sick too. =P

  2. Jen… I’m glad you enjoyed reading my simple pleasures… and would love to hear some of yours… but take care of yourself right now! One thing I took when the cold/flu was going around here was Zicam… and it worked! Teri

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