Not A Good Sign…..

Yep…I have the chills….argh…could I be the next one to be hit with influenza???  Please oh Please…NO!!!   Hubby is on the way home from work so I am leaving to run some errands and find some more of the Oscillococcinum medicine.  I am also going to the office to pick up my laptop since if I am not sick I will need to work from home some tomorrow as Tommy can’t go to dayare tomorrow due to his fever.   I also need to pick up my extra nebulizer at the office to take with to Florida.   Never, never a dull moment in our home!  

Both boys are sleeping so hubby should have it easy until I return home.   I have hit most every surface in the house with lysol, I jsut need to wipe down the kitchen counters yet.   I am off to do that and get ready to leave for a bit.  

Hope everyone is having a great day!!!!  


0 responses to “Not A Good Sign…..

  1. i have been reading your site for awhile and i hope all of your family feels better soon and also have a great trip :O)

  2. Praying everyone feels better soon. Take care.

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