Taking a little break from getting things done around the house.   I tidied up a few rooms, bathroom, our room, office, Tom’s room and kitchen.  I still have a few rooms to go, but wanted to break for a bit.   Erik seems to be better now and is playing jenga on the table so he will be going back to school tomorrow.  Since hewas home it was a great opportunity to have him try on swimming trunks and shorts to pack for our Florida Trip.    Good thing I have bins of clothes I bought on clearance last year all ready for him.   I don’t have as many shorts for Tommy for some reason.  He moved up a size too!  I did find a pair of swin trunks for Tommy downstairs that I bought on clearance at Old Navy.   He is pretty set.  I just have to try on his shorts that I packed to make sure they fit!  

I think the kids are starting to get excited as we start to pack.    We decided to buy 5 day hopper passes for Disney and will be going to the Gulf and to Ft Meyers for a BBQ at a friends house.   Nice to have friends to hang out with in Florida too!!  Actually we will be getting together with 3 families of folks!!  We hope to go see Sanibel Island since that is where we went on our honeymoon. 

My breathing is gettng worse, I think it is due to Erik’s cough.  Must be viral.  ARGH….I called the pulmonologist and she bumped up my predisone for a week and then back down.  That should get me through my vacation.  

  At 6:00 I am going to go weigh in at weight watchers.  I missed mine at work again since I was home with Erik.  I am pretty sure I gained….

Tomorrow – Tommy has a little program at preschool that I will be attending.  They are putting on a circus.  Then I have to drive to Duluth for a visit with a client.  YUCK!   I am so not looking forward to that.  Well I am off to clean up the living room and then watch Dr Phil.  Have a great day.


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  1. Your vacation sounds like so much fun!~  I hope you have a marvelous time!
    Preschoolers putting on a circus?  Sounds interesting to say the least!  Heh!  But definitely CUTE, I bet!!
    Have a great night!

  2. Have a great vacation Jen, you have earned it!!!  Hopefully I will see you on my last day of work (the 31st).  Come visit us at home again soon.

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